Turner Automotives Exclusive Payment Plan

Amount of vehicle purchased
$ 32,000.00
With 20% down payment
$   6,400.00

Payment at the discretion of the customer for 60 months with a residual, or balloon payment at the end of 59 months. This program is very flexible and can be designed to fit almost any desired application.

Amount of Vehicle
$ 32,000.00
Cash Down
$   6,400.00 -
Sales Tax
$   2,560.00 +
Two Year Plates + Original Title + NYS Inspection
$       225.00 +

Using a 6.9% rate chart, a normal payment on this amount would be $ 561.21 a month. On the Turner Plan, the payment would be 59 payments of $ 305.00 and one payment of $ 15,430.71. At this time you could:

A. Pay if off
B. Refinance
C. Trade it in
D. Sell it

And all the time you are buying this car. Because of Corvettes holding their value as well as they do, you would be gaining equity because its value at the end of 60 months would be between
$ 20,000.00 and $ 25,000.00. Therefore gaining value as you buy. Unlike any other vehicle in the market today.

Variables are: Amount of Cash Down, Interest Rates and Amount of Payment Desired. Making this plan very flexible.

Note: This plan has no penalties for early pay off or mileage.