About Us & History
Here You Can Learn A Little About Us And Some Of Our History

We have been in the Corvette sales and service business for 43 years. Started in 1972 in his house here in Victor, we hand pick each and every car we sell here.
Bill Turner started working on cars in a garage after his services in the army, where he knew how to work on fuel injection cars. This is where his love of Corvette�s began. In 1962 he purchased his first Corvette, a black 1957.
In 1972 he bought a small plot of land on Main Street in Victor where he put up a sign on a post and had his cars for sale. But all his actual sales and service occurred at his house on Church Street.
Over the years the business began to grow little by little and Bill purchased more land at the initial plot. Eventually Bill built a permanent building and had a shop and offices, which is today the showroom.
In the mid-80�s, with the business still growing, Bill had to expand even more. He built an addition onto the building and made a shop, and he turned the first shop into the showroom where he puts the best of the best.
People in the Finger Lakes region knew Bill as the �Vette Veteran� or �Mr. Corvette�.
Over the years, we have had many rare and beautiful Corvette�s come through our showroom, but none as much as the EX122. In 1988 we had the famous 1952 Motorama prototype Corvette here on display. It lived its life about 20 miles from us and Bill actually had the chance to drive this piece of history, one of only a handful.

Below are some pictures taken over the years by Bill showing the humble beginnings, to the present.